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    "A book that masterfully pulls together the most inspirational, understandable and accessible wisdom on some of the most important foundation concepts of Judaism. Throughout the book, Yisroel Juskowicz's love of G-d bursts forth on every page, lifting the reader into chapter after chapter, always wanting more."
    Lori Palatnik, author, international speaker, Founding Director of The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project

    "Yisroel's book is full of great stories, insights and ideas designed to help its reader better appreciate Judaism and a connection to G-d."
    -Charlie Harary, world-renowned speaker, radio show host

    "Yisroel is an accomplished artist, musician -- and now, with this, his first book, an author. His words seek to inspire us -- to paint thoughts on the canvas of our minds that dance with the energy of his music. May his words inspire us to reach heavenward with genuine passion and understanding."
    -Rabbi David Fohrman, author of The Beast that Crouches at the Door, and The Queen You Thought You Knew

    "Yisroel Juskowitz is an artist and musician who has succeeded in making music and art out of the fundamental principles of Yiddishkeit. "The Hidden Path" is an inspiring introduction to the beauty of being a Jew."
    -Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Congregation Aish Kodesh, Mashgiach Yeshiva University

    "Yisroel Juskowitz is inspired and inspiring, using his many creative talents in extraordinary ways."
    -Rabbi David Aaron, bestselling author, Dean of Isralight Institute
    "Through heartfelt stories and meaningful parables, Yisroel empowers his readers to reach their unlimited potential. This inspiring book is written for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with G-d and themselves. "
    - Aleeza Ben Shalom, the Marriage Minded Mentor, author of Get Real, Get Married

    "The saying goes, "Words that are said from the heart go strait into the heart". Reb Yisroel's soft spoken easy to digest style complement his inspirational mesage, making this new book a work that has the capacity to speak to everybody - no matter where they are on their personal journey at the present moment."
    Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov
    Author of "Jewish by Choice" and "The Case for Judaism"

    "Yisroel Juskowitz weaves together beautiful words of Torah, heartwarming stories and accounts of his own personal journey to present this heartfelt work on essential Jewish topics. His sweetness and authenticity shines through on every page."
    Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum, Executive Director of Aish of Greater Washington

  • Book"The Hidden Path: An Extraordinary Journey of the Mind, Body, and Soul"

    Foreword: Unleash Your Potential

    Chapter 1: Finding God Everywhere (Even the Most Unlikely of Places)

    Chapter 2: The Fulfillment of Jewish Outreach

    Chapter 3: The Inner Light of Hassidut

    Chapter 4: Prayer; Transforming our World, Transforming Ourselves

    Chapter 5: Finding the Land of Israel Inside of Us

    Chapter 6: Looking for Love in all the Right Places

    Chapter 7: Extending Your Hand

    Chapter 8: Connecting Through Creativity

    Chapter 9: The Beauty of Torah

    Chapter 10: A Deeper Look at Suffering

    Chapter 11: The Gift of the Sabbath

    Chapter 12: What it Means to be a Jew

    Cahpter 13. Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

    Chapter 14: Renewal and Redemption

    Afterword: Yearning for Godliness

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